Tibet Accommodation

Tibet is still a simple place and its accommodation is still limited, especially at remote and higher places. There are some good hotels in cities like Lhasa and Shigatse but at most other places, there are only 2 or 3 star hotels or guest houses in dormitory type. Even for the same standard hotels, you may find those in Tibet are inferior to that of places in mainland China, like Beijing, Chengdu, etc.  

西藏仍然是一个比较落后的地方, 那里的住宿条件十分有限, 特别是在偏远的, 海拔高的地方. 在拉萨和日喀则这样的城市里可以找到比较好的酒店, 但是在其他地方, 就只有2星或3星酒店, 甚至只有招待所床位. 同等星级的酒店, 西藏的条件一般比中国内地城市比如北京, 成都等要差一些.  

For the accommodation inside the Mt. Everest reserve, there are mainly three places to stay: the guest house at Rongbuk Monastery, Guanjingtai Hostel and the tourist tent at Mt. Everest Base Camp. Among them, only Guanjingtai Hostel can provide twin-sharing rooms. Though with poor condition, those accommodation costs nearly the same as a 3-4 star hotel in Lhasa.

珠峰景区的住宿主要有三个地方: 绒布寺招待所, 观景台宾馆和珠峰大本营帐篷. 其中, 只有观景台宾馆可以提供2人间. 尽管这几个地方的住宿条件都很差, 费用却和拉萨市区的3星-4星酒店相当. 

For the hotels in Lhasa, we category them into three rankings as follows: Budget, Mid Range and Top End. Currently, we only introduce the best hotels of each category. This list may change from time to time according to clients' feedback.

对于拉萨的酒店, 我们分为了低, 中, 高3个级别. 这里我们主要仅介绍目前每个级别里面比较好的酒店. 这些酒店排名会根据客人的反馈而时常更新 (但我们网站有可能更新较慢, 您如果对酒店有特殊要求, 请咨询我们的工作人员).   

Note: The  local rules stipulated that foreign tourists shall travel Tibet in organized groups with the permits granted by Tibet Tourism Bureau. As an officially licensed travel company in Tibet, we do not provide "accommodation only" service. Please contact us for more information on our tours to Tibet!

备注: 按照规定, 外国人入入藏旅游必须有组织地随团游览, 全程必须有导游陪同. 作为一家正规的西藏旅游公司, 我们提供行程游览的全套服务, 但是不做没有行程安排只是酒店预定的服务. 请凉席我们工作人员讨论您的行程, 以便我们更好地为您服务! 

Lhasa Dongcuo International Youth Hostel

Lhasa Dongcuo International Youth Hostel is the first Tibetan hostel that joined YHA. It was opened in2005 in the old town behind Jokhang Temple. There are 48 rooms ranging from single, twin-sharing, triple-sharing to dormitory rooms.

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Tashitagke Hotel

Tashitagke Hotel is located in the center of the old Lhasa quarter within 2min walking to Barkhor Street and 5min to Jokhang Temple.  [more info]

Lhasa Cool Yak Hotel

Lhasa Cool Yak Hotel is a Tibetan boutique hotel close to the bustling Barkhor street (about 4min walking). There are many old Tibetan buildings around and guests will have the chance to experience local Tibetan’s daily life easily. It is in walking distance to Jokhang Temple and Potala Palace as well. [more info]

Lhasa Tashi Choten Hotel

Lhasa Tashi Choten Hotel is featured by the traditional Tibetan culture in old streets. It is well located in the old town and the main sights can be reached easily by walking distance from the hotel.

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Lhasa Phuntsok Khasang International Youth Hostel

Lhasa Phuntsok Khasang International Youth Hostel is well located in Lhasa downtown, close to the local supermarket and bus station.

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Lhasa Trichang Labrang Hotel

Lhasa Trichang Labrang Hotel was built from the preserved old Tibetan buildings bearing more than 300 years history. It was the old residence of a great holy man in Tibet.

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Tibet De Kang Hotel

Tibet De Kang Hotel is a Tibetan owned hotel about 15min walk to Jokhang Temple. It is a standard hotel in Tibetan style.

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Lhasa Gangjian Hotel

Gangjian Hotel (also called Gang-gyan Hotel) is another hotel in Lhasa old town area in 4-star standard. It is close to Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Monastery and Barkhor Street.

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Tibet Saikang Hotel

Tibet Saikang Hotel is located in the old town about 500m from the great Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street (within 5minutes walking). It was operated in May 2002 and refurbished in July 2010.

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Lhasa Thangka Hotel

Thangka Hotel is located in central Lhasa old town area nearby Jokhang Square and within 2 minutes walking distance to one of the main sites in Lhasa - Jokhang Temple.

The hotel's decoration is in Tibetan styple reflecting the mysterious Tibetan culture. There are restaurant and coffee bar providing Tibetan, Western and Chinese cuisines. [more info]

Tibet Villa

Tibet Villa is located nearbyTibetCollegeand the beautifulLhasariver. It is about 5min drive toJokhangTempleandPotalaPalace. It is a Tibetan culture-themed hotel.

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Lhasa Gorkhar Hotel

Lhasa Gorkhar Hotel is a tourist hotel in Tibet built completely in Tibetan style. It was once the Nepal Embassy in Tibet and later reconstructed to be a Tibetan hotel.

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Lhasa Lingtsang Boutique Hotel

The lovely Lingtsang Boutique Hotel is well located in the Lhasa old town area. It is the former residence of a great holy man with more than 300 years of history. When you walk in the hotel, what you see is not only a building, but also its history, and what you hear is not only a Tibetan song but also its culture.

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St. Regis Lhasa Resort

St. Regis Lhasa Resort is the first international branded hotel in Tibet. It is close to Tibet College, about 10min drive to Jokhang Temple and Potala Palace. The beautiful St. Regis Lhasa Resort is recognized as the best hotel in Tibet with the highest cost. To many guests, staying at the St. Regis hotel helps their once-in-a-lifetime tour to Tibet more comfortable and enjoyable. [more info]

Lhasa Manasarovar Hotel

Lhasa Manasarovar Hotel is among the first 5-star hotels in Lhasa.

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Lhasa Jardin Secret Hotel

Lhasa Jardin Secret Hotel stands at the beautiful Lhasa river and faces the Lhasa train station from the other side of the river. It is nearby theTibetan Museum and with 5 minutes drive to Potala Palace and NorbulingKa.

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Lhasa Brahmaputra Grand Hotel

Brahmaputra Grand Hotel is the first 5-star standard hotel in Lhasa. Not only is it a hotel, it is also a museum of Tibetan folk culture.

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