About us

This Tibet online tour booking service is proudly owned and operated by Tibet Travel Professionals, represented by Mr. Liu Anbing and the rest of our team at the Chengdu Division of Snowland Amola Travel Service. Operating out of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, we have been bringing travellers from all over the world to the mystical mountains of Tibet since 2005 and is a leading inbound travel agency in Tibet.

该西藏在线预定服务 (网络品牌为"Tibet Travel Professionals") 是由刘安兵先生带领的成都雪域阿玛拉旅游服务咨询有限公司提供运作的. 自2005年以来, 我们就开始从事外国人入藏旅游, 引领着西藏入境旅游行业.

According to local rules, foreign tourists should travel Tibet in organized groups with the whole journey accompanied by a tour guide. Tibet Travel Professionals was set up to focus on tourism for foreigners, overseas Chinese and Taiwan tourists. We provide full-service tours, including helping clients get all the necessary Tibet travel permits, Tibet flight bookings, Tibet hotel reservation, and arranging for local tour guides, jeeps, etc. The company may be small, but we make sure to provide high-quality travel services to clients.

根据规定, 外国人入藏旅游必须是有组织地团队出游, 全程必须有导游陪同. 我们建立这个网站和这个网络品牌, 专注于为外国人(包括华侨)和台湾游客提供全方位的服务, 包括为您办理各种旅藏证件, 预定机票和酒店, 安排当地的导游和车, 等等. 我们公司目前规模不大, 但是我们的质量是最好的, 确保为您提供高品质的服务.

We organize Tibet tours for foreign groups from our partners in China and international tourists through this website. We honour contracts with all our partners and establish good, stable and long-term cooperation with hotels, ticketing agents, etc.

同时我们还为国内外同行提供外国游客的西藏旅游服务, 我们与酒店以及票务等都建立了长期稳定的合作关系.

100% Local Tibetan 百分之百的藏族导游

All of our English-speaking tour guides are local Tibetans who know their home very well. The Tibet hotels we partner with also follow the Tibetan traditions of quality service and style. We aim to provide clients with the most authentic experience possible.

我们所有的英语导游都是当地藏族人, 他们很了解自己的家乡. 为您安排的酒店也是大部分遵循了藏族传统, 带有藏族特色和品质. 我们尽量为您提供最真实的体验.

Responsible Travel in Tibet 负责任的西藏旅游服务

All of our tours in Tibet help locals get involved in tourism to increase their income, help them interact with travellers for cultural exchange, and help tourists protect the sensitive environment in Tibet. Apart from employing local tour guides, all our Tibet tours, when possible, include a visit to a local Tibetan family and local bazaars where clients can see traditional craft shops and buy souvenirs. We train our tour guides every half a year to help maintain high-quality service. For tours out of Lhasa, we prepare some bags for clients to throw their rubish while travelling and sightseeing for enviornment protection. When travelling to nearby destinations we always encourage tourists to walk instead of taking a bus.

我们所有的西藏旅游行程都安排有当地人加入, 以便帮助他们提高收入, 和游客进行文化交流, 帮助保护西藏敏感的自然环境. 除了聘请西藏藏族导游以外, 我们尽量为客人安排当地家访或者到当地市场游览, 参观传统手工作坊, 购买旅游纪念品 (绝对没有强制消费). 我们的导游每半年培训一次, 以确保良好的服务质量. 凡是到拉萨以外的地区旅游, 我们都为客人准备了垃圾袋以保护环境. 当在景点附近参观时, 我们鼓励游客步行, 而不是总是坐车游览.

Every year, we help more than 300 foreign tourists discover Tibet. With our new cooperation with whl.travel, we look forward to increasing this number and promoting a more responsible and sustainable way to travel around the majestic mountains of Tibet. Book your dream tour of Tibet with toursoftibet.com and we look forward to meeting you! You lay your trust on us and we provide you a great tour to Tibet.

每年我们帮助超过300名外国游客到西藏旅游. 在加入whl.travel 后, 我们期待能帮到更多的外国游客认识并了解西藏, 更加负责任更加持续地探索神秘西藏. 在toursoftibet.com上预定您的西藏梦想之旅, 我们期待与您相逢西藏! 您的信任将得到我们竭诚为您提供的一次美好的西藏旅游体验!