Tibet Transportation FAQ

What is the better way to get to Tibet? Should I travel by air or by railway?

Some people believe travelling to Tibet by railway is better than by air for high altitude acclimatization. But this is now believed not always the case and you shall not rely on it too much. This is two different ways to Tibet offering completely different experiences. As it is very hard to get a soft-sleeper train ticket to Lhasa in seasons from May to October, it is suggested to take the train in November to April if hard-sleeper is not acceptable.

Can you help buy the domestic flight tickets in China?

Yes, we can buy all domestic flight tickets in China and Tibet for you. For the moment, all airlines in China are using e-tickets and you can check in at the airport with your passport directly.

How is the condition of trains to Tibet?

The Tibet trains are among the most advanced in China. They are fully equipped with soft berths (though about 62 only), hard berths, soft seats and hard seats as well as washing closets, hot water, etc. All signs on the train are in three languages of English, Chinese and Tibetan and every train has one attendant who can speak these three languages. Considering the high altitude acclimatization, there is oxygen provided and every seat has facilities for oxygen inhalation. The most beautiful scenery of the train journey lies in that from Xi’ning to Lhasa. Since its running in July 2006, the Tibet railway has been so popular that resulted in a huge demand for the train tickets.

Is it easy to purchase a train ticket to Tibet?

The Lhasa train tickets has been in out of demand since its inauguration and very hard for individual travelers to get on their own. The train tickets booking is under control of the railways and no reliable travel agencies can guarantee a successful booking. We suggest you to fly into Tibet and take train back to help better secure the seat.

How is the transportation in Tibet? And what vehicle do you usually use for my trip there?

The transportation in Tibet has been improved a lot in recent years and it is very convenient now to get to other parts of Tibet from Lhasa. We mainly arrange 4WD jeeps for your trip in Tibet.