Tibet Train

The Qinhai-Tibet railway is the highest railway in the world and was inaugurated on July 01 2006. Now we can take train to Lhasa directly from many cities in China, incl. Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xi'ning, etc. But as there are too many people who would like to try this railway, it is usually very difficult to get the train tickets, especially for the soft and hard berth (there are about only 64 soft berths on the train). The tickets can be booked about 60 days ahead of the train departure date now. In some hot tourism seas, all tickets could be held by big groups and no availability to individual travelers. So to secure a smooth trip, clients are usually suggested to have an alternative plan to cater for any unexpectation. We'll always try our best to help clients get the train tickets but please note that the whole booking is always under control of the railways.

Notes: To better secure the train tickets in peak tourism season from May to October, it is usually advised to be flexible on the soft or hard sleeper, or to take the returning train out of Lhasa if possible instead of the entry train into Lhasa.

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