Experience with Mt. Everest

How to get to Mt. Everest Base Camp

It takes about 3-4hrs from Tingri (also called New Tingri or Shegar) to the Mt. Everest Base Camp. Most parts of the road are winding in mountains. There is an inspection station (called ‘Tingri Lulu Border Inspection Station’) at the China-Nepal friendship highway out of the Tingri town. Here all people need to get out of the car for inspection and recording by the police. And after this, there is another inspection station to check your entrance tickets for the reserve (180CNY/p.p now).

The road spirals up the mountains. During travelling, We were told by the driver that there were about 40 turns up and 70 turns down. The highest point of the road to Mt. Everest Base Camp is the Jiawula Pass at about 5215m. There are colorful sutra streamers and many Marnyi stones. And to the south, you could see the faraway Mt. Everest in clear days.

The scenery at the pass is fascinating – a range of mountains rolling in clouds. But then you’ll be in endless turns again and the road becomes more and more steep. It is said there is very few time to see Mt. Everest clearly throughout the year due to the changeable weather there.

After three hours’ drive, we finally arrived at Rongbuk Monastery, the highest temple in the world (5100m). It is also a famous place for the grand view of Mt. Everest. But in most time, the summit of Mt. Everest is usually covered in clouds. We can see the glaciers here at the mountain foot.

Mt. Everest Base Camp

To help protect the local environment, it is stipulated that all private vehicles are not allowed to get to the Mt. Everest, except in the winter seasons. You can take the local Tibetan’s carriges or the reserve’s vehicle to get to the Mt. Everest Base Camp from Rongbuk Monastery.

At Mt. Everest Base Camp, there were only few permanent ‘buildings’ – one house, one toilet, one trash pool and the rest were some tents. We now arrived at the foot of the highest mountain in the world! When we got on the top of the small hill, we all became exhausted. It is really very difficult to climb though it is only 10m high. Many tourists already waited here, men and women, Chinese and foreigners. The wind was strong and all people were looking at the Mt. Everest eagerly.

It became clear and clouds dispersed slowly – Mt. Everest appeared in its shape of pyramid with the summit still in clouds..All people held breath with cameras in hands and stared closely at the Mt. Everest fearing of losing the chance of viewing her ‘true face’. The clouds at the top of the Everest summit changed and moved from time to time, seems playing with us.

Finally at one time, there was a gap in the clouds and the Everest summit appeared clearly which led to deafening cheers among people. It is really hard to find the right words to describe this exciting moment. The scenery is awesome and it is a memorable and life-long journey.

Note: There is a great serac forest at the vast area between 5500-6300m. The Rongbuk River is a glacier river originated from the three glaciers on the north of Mt. Everest. However, tourists are not allowed to get further out of the Everest Base Camp without accompany of professional mountaineers. There was a stone line warning people not to pass it without official approval.