Road to Mt. Everest Base Camp

In 1978, the government of Tibet Autonomous Region built a road that connects the China-Nepal friendship highway (318 national highway) and the Mt. Everest Base Camp. It was a 4-grade sandy road at 3.5m wide with more than 170 curves. Since then, there had been little maintenance to it. This ‘Everest Road’ is the only way to the highest mountain in the world. As the road was bumpy, many drivers did not follow it and just got to flat places as they like which damaged the vegetation along it.

And there have been more and more tourists from home and abroad travelling to the Mt. Everest Base Camp. To protect the fragile environment in the area and provide a safer and more comfortable journey to tourists and local people, the government decided to repair this road. In 2009, the reconstruction works was completed successfully and regular maintenance is done in later years. The ‘new’ road is installed with guard rails and is flatter and wider now. 

In the past, it took around 4-5hrs to get to the Mt. Everest Base Camp from Tingri (Shegar) and now it takes about 2-3hrs.

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