Booking a Tour to Tibet

Are you a local travel agency?

Yes, we are a local travel agency based in Lhasa with our international department located in Chengdu in charge of all of our online inquiries and bookings through our web site as well as assisting clients in making connection to Tibet from mainland China. For more information, please read about us.

What kind of tours do you provide?

We provide private or independent tours and join-in group tours. For private tours, you’ll have a tailor-made tour itinerary, a private vehicle, driver and tour guide. During travelling, you can always ask for stops anywhere you like along the way. For group tours, the itinerary, price and travel date are fixed and you'll join other tourists to do the tour together. Private tours usually cost higher than group tours. 

Besides the tours in Tibet, we can also arrange tours in Nepal and at other places in China such as Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’ning, Yunnan, etc.

Do you offer Join-in tour or can I join a group with you?

Yes, you can join our group tours.

How can I get a perfect tour itinerary?

We listed the itineraries of some main and popular tours in Tibet on our web site. You can refer to them or just send an inquiry to us for a customized itinerary with your requirements. Our travel trip advisor will help you plan a perfect itinerary covering main spots into your limited travel time.

What does your tour cost?

The tour cost is different for different tour itineraries, different group size and affected by many other aspects such as travel time, length of duration, hotel standards, etc. Usually transport takes the biggest part of the whole travel cost in Tibet. If there are children travelling with you, please note it to our travel advisor as we usually have special discounts for them.

Will there be any shopping arranged in my private tour?

No, there will be no shopping to be arranged to your private tour. To ensure the service quality, we will not arrange any overpriced government shops to your itinerary. If you want to do shopping, please just discuss with your tour guide or make it yourselves (such as during sightseeing at the Barkhor Street or the local bazaar in Shigatse).

Can a family visit be arranged in my trip?

Yes it can be arranged during your sightseeing in Lhasa.

How can I book a tour with you?

It is easy and simple to book a tour with us. A deposit of 200USD/p.p (per person) or 1,200CNY/p.p is required. If there is any train or flight booking left to us, the relevant cost shall be paid in advance as well to ensure the seats. Our travel advisor will send our payment information to you in e-mail.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept three major ways of payment for overseas booking:

  1. PayPal, the easiest and fastest way,
  2. Bank Wire Transfer (which charge a higher fee than the other two ways)
  3. Money Transfer of Western Union (

When shall I book the tour with you?

It is suggested to book the tour with us two or three months in advance if possible. Early booking is preferable, especially for travelling in the peak seasons from May to October.

How can I pay the tour cost balance?

You can pay the balance by cash or by credit card or travelers’ checks through the local bank upon arrival in Lhasa.

Do you provide any insurance?

We provide the Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance. You are suggested to get insurance from your home country to adequately cover for medical, emergency rescue expenses or any other eventual mishaps.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to