Tibet Lodging and Dining FAQ

How is the accommodation in Tibet?

Overally speaking, Tibet is still a very simple place and the accommodation there is quiet limited. There are very few four and five star hotels in Lhasa and in other main places outside Lhasa such as Shigatse, Gyantse, Tsedang and Nyingchi, the highest standard is three stars only. In Tingri, Zhangmu and Nagqu, the best ranked hotels are in one or two star and usually quite expensive. Meanwhile these starred hotels may be inferior to hotels of similar standard in the inner land of China. Even for the same standard in Tibet, the hotels in Lhasa may be better than that in other places. And at rest places, there are mainly guesthouses only.

What categories do you use for accommodation and can you explain the difference?

We use three categories for accommodation: Best Available, Comfortable and Budget Guesthouse.

For Best Available accommodations, we usually arrange a 4- or 5-star hotel in Lhasa, 3-star hotels in other main places outside Lhasa incl. Gyantse, Shigatse, Tsedang and Nyingchi, and 1- or 2- star hotels or guesthouses in other places.

For Comfortable category, we’ll arrange 3-star hotels or comparatively good 2-star hotels in Lhasa and all other main places, and guesthouses in the rest places.

For Budget Guesthouse, we’ll arrange guesthouses at all places of the trip.

Is accommodation expensive in Tibet?

It is usually more expensive than that of inner land China, especially in seasons from April to October, the rates are about 30%-50% higher and sometimes up to twice as much.

Can I have access to internet in the hotels?

Yes, usually you can have internet access in the business center or the separate internet café in the hotels. And private internet service may be offered in few luxury rooms.

Is there hot water in the hotels?

Yes, most standard rooms of the starred hotels in Tibet have private washrooms with water heaters. But due to the limited condition in Tibet, sometimes with the poor pressure, the water flow might be small and it is just warm not hot. The guesthouses with public bathrooms provide fixed time service. And in the remote areas, the condition could be even worse.

Is there drinkable water provided in the hotels?

Yes, there is usually a drinking thermos with drinkable hot water provided in the starred hotels.

Do I need a tent or sleeping bag in Tibet? Can I get them in Tibet?

A sleeping bag is necessary only when you stay at guesthouses in remote areas to keep warm and clean. You can take a tent if you would like to camp, such as at Namtso Lake in the summer time.

Tent and sleeping bags can be easily hired in Lhasa.

Can I lodge in a local house?

It is possible in Lhasa where local people are more open to tourists.

Can you recommend some hotels in Tibet?

We usually arrange hotels according to the latest feedbacks from our clients. Our hotel list may change when some hotels deteriorate in management and service and when there are some new hotels. For more information on hotels in Tibet, please refer to Hotels in Tibet.

What can I eat in Tibet?

In Lhasa, you can have many options such as Chinese food, western food, Nepalese food and Tibetan food. But for other places, there are usually limited choices.

I am a vegetarian, can I get vegetarian food easily in Tibet?

You can get vegetarian food easily in some main places like Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Tsedang, etc. Please note it to our travel advisor and our tour guide will help you arrange if necessary.

Do I need to bring some food items on travel?

You can take chocolates, beef jerky, preserved pickles, biscuits and other high caloric food as well as bottled water and fruits during travelling.