Tibet Travel Tips and FAQ

  • Tips for Tibet Trip Planning

    1.    When is the best time to travel Tibet?

    2.    Is it good to travel Tibet in winter?

    3.    Must I travel to Tibet with a travel agency?

    4.    How to choose a travel agency for my trip to Tibet?

    5.    What should I consider when working with a travel agency?

    6.    Which attractions are best for travelling in Tibet?

  • Tibet Travel Documents

    1.    What documents shall I bring for my tip to Tibet?

    2.    How to get the China Visa? What should I be aware of when applying for the China Visa?

    3.    I would like to travel Tibet from Nepal, are there any requirements on China Visa?

    4.    What is the procedure for getting the China Visa in Kathmandu?

    5.    What is the Tibet travel permit and can I get it from you?

    6.    How much does the TTB permit cost? Which is the legal issuing organization?

    7.    What shall I provide for the Tibet travel permit application?

    8.    Can I get the Tibet Travel Permit easily?

    9.    Should I obtain the visa or the Tibet travel permits first?

    10.  Does each individual in the group need a separate permit or only does the group get one that covers everyone? Can we hold the permits ourselves and use them privately? Are copies of the permit valid?

    11.  Besides this Tibet Travel Permit, do I need any other permits for entering into Tibet?

    12.  How can you send the permit to me or how can I receive the permit?

    13.  If I would like to travel to Nepal, is it necessary to get the Nepal visa at my home country in advance?

  • Tibet Transportation FAQ

    1.    What is the better way to get to Tibet? Should I travel by air or by railway?

    2.    Can you help buy the domestic flight tickets in China?

    3.    How is the condition of trains to Tibet?

    4.    Is it easy to purchase a train ticket to Tibet?

  • Preparation of a Tour to Tibet

    1.    What is high altitude sickness and how to prevent it?

    2.    What are the altitudes of main places in Tibet?

    3.    Is cold very serious for going to Tibet? What shall I do if I catch cold in Tibet?

    4.    What do you suggest we bring with us if we travel to Tibet?

    5.    Is it safe to travel in Tibet?

    6.    What currency is used in Tibet and is it convenient to bring cash or credit cards in Tibet?

  • Tibet Lodging and Dining FAQ

    1.    How is the accommodation in Tibet?

    2.    What categories do you use for accommodation and can you explain the difference?

    3.    Is accommodation expensive in Tibet?

    4.    Can I have access to internet in the hotels?

    5.    Is there hot water in the hotels?

    6.    Is there drinkable water provided in the hotels?

    7.    Do I need a tent or sleeping bag in Tibet? Can I get them in Tibet?

    8.    Can I lodge in a local house?

    9.    Can you recommend some hotels in Tibet?

    10.  What can I eat in Tibet?

    11.  I am a vegetarian, can I get vegetarian food easily in Tibet?

    12.  Do I need to bring some food items on travel?

  • Booking a Tour to Tibet

    1.    Are you a local travel agency?

    2.    What kind of tours do you provide?

    3.    Do you offer Join-in tour or can I join a group with you?

    4.    How can I get a perfect tour itinerary?

    5.    What does your tour cost?

    6.    Will there be any shopping arranged in my private tour?

    7.    Can a family visit be arranged in my trip?

    8.    How can I book a tour with you?

    9.    What methods of payment do you accept?

    10.  When shall I book the tour with you?

    11.  How can I pay the tour cost balance?

    12.  Do you provide any insurance?

    13.  What is your cancellation policy?