Tibetan Culture

Tibet is unique, not only for its marvelous landscape and scenery but also for its culture. Tibetan culture is a kind of religious culture, linked with Tibetan religions very tightly. You can feel it upon you get on the land. It is so special, so lively in local people's daily life that fills every corner of the snow land. People loves Tibet, in some way or shall I say in a more impressive way, they are facinated by Tibetan people's culture.  

  • Tibetan Buddhism and Bon

    Five Most Influential Sects of Tibetan Buddhism:

    • Nyingma Sect
    • Gatang Sect
    • Gagyu / Kagyu Sect
    • Sagya / Sakya Sect
    • Gelugpa Sec

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  • Tibetan Festival

    There are many festivals in Tibet and if you can attend one of them, it will add great value to your experience there. The main festivals include:

    • Tibetan New Year Festival (Losar)
    • Great Prayer Fesstival (Monlam)
    • Butter Lamp Festival
    • Saga Dawa Festival
    • Holy Mountain Festival (Choekhor Duecen)
    • Shoton Festival (Yogurt Festival
    • Bathing Festival
    • Gyantse Horse Race Festival and Nagqu Horse Race Festival

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  • Sky Burial

    Sky burial is the traditional funeral of Tibetan people showing their altitude to death. it is a very special and important ceremony to Tibetans and from which, you'll see the wisdom of ancient Tibetan people. 

    As a tourist, it is impolite to see or attend the ceremony and it is not encouraged to take photos even if you just come over it during travelling. 

  • Tibetan Opera and Thangka

    When talking about Tibetan art that is mostly enjoyed by common Tibetan people, it is necessary to mention Tibetan Opera and Tibetan Thangka. In this two art forms, Tibetan people express their love to nature and Buddha. 

    If you visit Tibet in Shoton Festival, you'll have the chance to enjoy Tibetan Opera at the Norbulingka park in Lhasa. There are also some restaurants that organize Tibetan singing and dancing to entertain guests.

    And it is easy to get Tibetan Thangka at the local markets in Lhasa and Shigatse. You may see it available at every monastery or temple in Tibet. 

  • Etiquette and Taboo in Tibet

    We list here the etiquette and taboo of Tibetan people. You may need to pay attention to them and show your respect to their life and religious style. We also provide a list of some useful words which might be helpful when communicate with local people!