High-quality Tibet Travel Service for Foreign Tourists

外國人入藏旅遊服務, 海外華僑入藏旅遊

Tibet, full of mystery and grandeur, with its majestic Buddhist temples, unique spiritual legacy and amazing mountain abode leaves an enduring image in the minds of all visitors. Start by booking your Tibet package tour, you will see that this vast land to the north of the Himalayas is one of the most picturesque places you will ever see.

神秘而莊嚴的西藏擁有著雄偉的佛教寺廟和獨一無二的精神文化傳統, 是神奇的高山天堂, 給所有來訪者留下了難忘而不朽的印象. 到西藏來旅遊, 通過我們的西藏行程, 您將領略到這塊喜馬拉雅山北部的廣袤之地是您所見過的最為美麗的地方之一!

We are a team of experienced local tour guides and trip advisors specializing in organizing Tibet travel service for foreign tourists (incl. overseas Chinese) and tourists from Taiwan. Our Private Tours (also called VIP Customized Tours) are packages providing as much flexibility as possible to help you fully enjoy the trip. We'll arrange a private vehicle, driver and local tour guide for you and you can decide the tour date as you wish.

我們團隊由經驗豐富的導遊和旅遊顧問組成, 專門從事外國遊客(包括海外華僑)和臺灣遊客的入藏旅遊服務. 我們的 Private Tours 即獨立成團服務(VIP定制團)為您提供了最大的自由旅遊空間, 安排專門的車, 司機和藏族導遊, 您可以自行決定您的出行日期.

And we also provide Group Tours for you to join other tourists from different countries to lower the travel cost when you are travelling alone or in a small group of 2 or 3 people. Our group tours are well designed with fixed itineraries and join-in dates which are the most comprehensive in the travel industry of Tibet!

同時我們也提供 Group Tours 散客拼團服務, 如果您只有一個人或者兩三個人旅遊, 您可以加入我們的團隊拼團旅遊, 在降低費用的同時結識來自全球各地的朋友. 我們所有的拼團行程都是特別設計的, 提供固定的參團行程和日期. 我們的參團日期是西藏旅遊同行業中最為全面的!

Lhasa and Mt. Everest Base Camp Tour 拉萨-珠峰大本营

Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest Base Camp - Lhasa 
拉薩 - 江孜 - 日喀則 - 珠峰大本營 - 拉薩
Duration: 8 days
Many tourists remark this dream trip as an once-in-a-lifetime journey. It brings you so closely to the highest mountain in the world. Besides the cultural exploration in the middle Tibet, this Mt Everest tour also offers the opportunity to hike to the Mt. Everest Base Camp for the awesome views of Mount Everest and many other high mountains of the Himalayan range. Read More

Lhasa-Mt. Everest Base Camp-Kathmandu Overland Tour 拉薩-珠峰-加都

Lhasa-Mt. Everest-Kathmandu
Duration: 8 days 
Note: Due to border closure, please refer to other similar tours, such as the Lhasa-EBC-Lhasa tour
由於邊境關閉, 請參考預定類似的行程, 如拉薩-珠峰-拉薩行程
It is an overland tour from Lhasa to the Tibet-Nepal border with an adventure trip to the Mt. Everest Base Camp. With this journey, you’ll have the life-long experience with the highest mountain in the world, the chance to enjoy the panoramic view of the Hiamayan range's northern and southern faces, and an easy connection to your tours to Nepal and Bhutan.

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Mt. Everest Base Camp and Namtso Lake Tour

Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse-Mt. Everest Base Camp-Namtso Lake-Lhasa 

拉萨 - 江孜 - 日喀则 - 珠峰大本营 - 纳木错 - 拉萨

Duration: 10 days

It is an ideal option for tourists who would like to have a hightlight tour in Tibet for around 10 days. It includes exploration to Mt. Everest in the south and Namtso Lake in the north, both are among the top sights in whole Tibet.

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Mt. Everest Base Camp Tour with Yarlung Valley

Lhasa-Yarlung Valley (Tsedang)-Gyantse-Shigatse-Mt. Everest Base Camp-Lhasa

拉萨 - 雅鲁藏布江 (泽当) - 江孜 - 日喀则 - 珠峰 - 拉萨

Duration: 10 days

When you have around 10 days for your trip in Tibet and would like to have more cultural experience,  you can consider this tour to Mt. Everest Base Camp and explore the mystical Yarlung Valley (Tsedang) for an up close encounter with Tibetan culture.

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Mt. Everest Base Camp Tour from Kathmandu

Kathmandu - Mt. Everest Base Camp - Shigatse - Gyantse - Lhasa

Note: Due to border closure, please refer to other similar tours, such as the Lhasa-EBC tour 由于边境关闭, 请参考预定类似的行程如拉萨-珠峰行程

Duration: 8 days

This Mt. Everest tour is for entering Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal. It includes the similar sightseeing as that of the Mt. Everest tour from Lhasa. Enroute you'll enjoy the panoramic view of the Himalayan range.

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Lhasa Exploration Tour


Duration: 4 days

Visiting all main cultural and historical sights in Lhasa, enjoying the leisure walk at the religious and shopping street, meeting with a local Tibetan family when possible, soaking in the mysterious and holy atmosphere and more..

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Lhasa and Its Surrounding Tour


Duration: 5 days

This Lhasa tour includes all sites and activities of the Lhasa city tour as well as one of the famous monasteries in Lhasa surrounding area where you can enjoy the countryside view of the high plateau. It is a good option when you have very limited time and want to experience more in Tibetan culture and religion. 

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Lhasa and Yamdrok Yumtso Lake Tour

Lhasa - Yamdrok Yumtso Lake - Lhasa

拉萨 - 羊湖 - 拉萨

Duration: 5 days

Standing at the mountain nearby, you’ll see the beautiful Yamdrok Yumtso Lake is just like a holy sapphire embraced by snow-capped mountains. The lake is the closest holy lake to Lhasa among the “Great Three Lakes” in Tibet. Extending the Lhasa exploration tour to this holy lake is an ideal option for tourists who want to enjoy more natural beauty of Tibet in limited travel time.

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Lhasa and Namtso Lake Tour

Lhasa - Namtso Lake - Lhasa

拉萨 - 纳木错 - 拉萨

Duration: 6 days 

Viewing the vast crystal-clear blue water of Namtso Lake under the pure sky, you may feel your soul has been washed and cleaned. Namtso Lake is located at above 4700m and is the highest altitude saltwater lake in the world. Extending a one-day tour to Namtso Lake from Lhasa could be a challenge to many tourists.

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Lhasa and Yarlung Valley Tour

Lhasa - Samye Monastery (Yarlung Valley) - Lhasa

拉萨 - 桑耶寺 (雅鲁藏布江) - 拉萨 

Duration: 6 days

This Lhasa cultural exploration tour focuses on Lhasa and the Yarlung Valley which is recognized as the Cradle of Tibetan Civilization. It covers most important highlights in Lhasa and the Valley to lead you experience the mysterious Tibetan culture, religion and history as well as enjoy the classic beauty of the high plateau.

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Lhasa and Mt. Everest Base Camp Group Tour 拉薩 - 珠峰大本營參團

Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Mt. Everest Base Camp - Lhasa

拉薩 - 江孜 - 日喀則 - 珠峰大本營 - 拉薩

8 days, from 839USD

Travel to the highest mountain in the world from Lhasa and get a cherish and unforgettable memory back home. This tour leads you to the main cultural centers in Tibet including Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse as well as to the famous Mt. Everest Base Camp. Great view of the Himalayas will accompany you in the whole trip. And at the end, we’ll get back to Lhasa to explore the old city again.

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Lhasa, Mt. Everest Base Camp and Kathmandu Overland Group Tour

Lhasa - Mt. Everest Base Camp - Tibet and Nepal Border

8 days, from 909USD

Discovery Lhasa and Mt. Everest and then drive further to the border to connect Nepal. This marvelous overland tour offers the chance of close touch with the highest mountain in the world and the stunning view of the Himalayan range.

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Lhasa, Mt. Everest Base Camp and Namtso Lake Group Tour

Lhasa - Mt. Everest Base Camp - Namtso Lake - Lhasa

拉萨 - 珠峰大本营 - 纳木错 - 拉萨

9 days, from 1,120USD

Extending the Mt. Everest Base Camp tour to Namtso Lake can fulfill your dream trip with more surprise. This 9-day tour includes the most important sights in central, southern and northern Tibet. You'll visit Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Mt. Everest Reserve as well as Namtso Lake.

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Lhasa Tour 拉萨游览

Lhasa Sightseeing Tour 拉薩遊覽團

4 days, from 439USD

The 4-day exploration in Lhasa will lead you to most important and interesting sights in the old city including the world’s famous Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street and some great monateries.

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Lhasa and Namtso Lake Group Tour 拉薩 - 納木錯參團

Lhasa - Namtso Lake - Lhasa

拉薩 - 納木錯 - 拉薩

5 days, from 659USD

The 5-day Lhasa and Namtso Tour extends the exloration in Lhasa to the beautiful Namtso Lake beside Mt. Nyianchengtangula (7162m). The holy lake is famous for its high altitude (4718m), vast area and wonderful scenery.

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Middle Tibet Cultural Group Tour 西藏文化探秘之旅, 參團

Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Lhasa

拉薩 - 江孜 - 日喀則 - 拉薩

6 days, from 679USD

The 6-day tour covers three main places in Tibet central area - Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse. With this trip, you’ll visit
many cultural sights and enjoy the classic beauty of the high plateau.

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Mt. Kailash Group Tour 阿里神山圣湖朝圣之旅

Lhasa - Mt. Everest Base Camp - Mt. Kailash - Lake Mansarovar - Kathmandu or Lhasa

拉萨 - 珠峰 - 神山圣湖 - 拉萨 (或者加都)

14-15 days, from 1,749USD

This Mt. Everest and Mt. Kailash group tour starts from Lhasa. After the sightseeing and acclimatization in Lhasa, we'll drive to Middle and Southern Tibet for some important monasteries in the area and the great Mt. Everest Base Camp. Then we'll start the long drive to Western Tibet for the famous Lake Manasarovar and Mt. Kailash, the most scared place in Tibet and other religions. We'll trek around Mt. Kailash for 3 days which is known as "Mt. Kailash Kora", a hard but very holy trekking which may purify and change your life for ever..

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